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Friday, April 2, 2010

CNN's Ed Hornick gives us another anti-RNC article.

Ed Hornick pulls a Peter Hamby this week.  Actually, Ed Hornick is known to be an extreme liberal at the CNN Political Ticker.  Here's a recent example. Over 60% of stories published by this "reporter" usually showcase anyone on the right with a negative perspective. Today, we get this little peice of delight from Mr. Hornick: "RNC's bridge to conservatives on shaky ground?"

It seems like Ed Hornick and Peter Hamby have been extremely busy is making sure that the GOP nightclub "scandal" stays in the news cycle.  We reported this earlier.

And then you read the comments on the article and wonder why most commentators are against the GOP.  Because most of the stories that CNN publishes attracts the left to their "news" organization.  We guess "covering politics for CNN" means "cover the Republican Party" for Mr. Hornick.  We have certainly not seen Mr. Hornick write anything that gives Democrats a run for their money.

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