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Saturday, March 13, 2010

CNN's Ed Hornick Approaches Massa (D-NY) Controversy from the Left

And now, the latest attempt by the media to paint the GOP as obstructionists. One only needs to review a few tweets on Ed Hornick's Twitter page to see where his political affiliations are at, which is probably why he works where works. In the latest posting, Mr. Hornick titles his newest article "GOP trying to keep Massa investigation alive."

So is he saying that the investigation doesn't need to occur?  Or that perhaps implying that the GOP is wasting time by keeping the "investigation alive?"  Here are the two paragraphs in the entire article where the title is picked from:
Rothenberg said even if Democrats aren't implicated in any wrongdoing, the end goal for Republicans is to keep Democrats on the defensive as the midterm elections approach.

"For Republicans, any time they can talk about an incident or an individual that is embarrassing to Democrats, it keeps the Democrats on the defensive. In this particular case, Republicans can portray Massa as part of the larger problems," he said. "There is a political advantage in calling for an investigation. You put the onus on the Democrats.
But wait!  It's not over yet.  Ed Hornick, like Peter Hamby, wants to remind you of the Republican scandals in the past:
Republicans may also be pushing for a further investigation after one of their party's members faced a similar incident years ago. That incident is largely cited for the large number of GOP losses in the 2006 midterm elections. 
In 2006, Florida GOP Rep. Mark Foley was forced to resign after his sexually suggestive e-mails to male pages were exposed. 
We knew where this article was headed just by reading this title.  Typical of CNN: use Democrat scandals to remind readers that Republicans are also complicit, but during Republican scandals occur, let's keep the Democrat ones on a hush hush.

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