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Sunday, March 14, 2010

CNN's Jessica Yellin attempts to discredit "Fake Tea Partier" allegation

Jon Scott Ashjian (TEA-NV) is running against Harry Reid (D-NV) for the Senate seat.  Many conservatives have alleged that Mr. Ashjan might not appear to be who he seems.  Well, that word has gotten out to CNN and how else could they spin it?  With a bit of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rhetoric:
Some are accusing Jon Scott Ashjian, a new Tea Party candidate running for U.S. Senate, of being a fake. The allegation? He was put in the race by agents of Senate Majority leader Harry Reid to siphon votes from the GOP.
By "agents?" Could they make it sound more conspiratorial? An image posted along with the article is captioned  "Is it possible to be a fake Tea Partier?"  Judging my the next paragraph, it is pretty clear that what Ms. Yellin attepts to do here is paint the tea partiers and conservatives as conspiracy theorists.

So the conspiracy theories abound from Tea Party activists and worried Republicans: Ashjian's never attended Tea Party rallies; he hasn't coordinated with local organizers; the secretary of his Tea Party of Nevada, Barry Levinson, is a registered Democrat.
Add this to the hundreds of articles published by CNN to discredit and demanize Tea Party activists.  Someone keeping score yet?

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