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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010 Health Care Reform Protest Coverage by CNN ... Where is it?

Today at this time, March 20, 2010, thousands of protesters have rallied in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to protest the Heath Care Reform bill.  But you won't hear it from CNN.  Rather, CNN has an entire article devoted to a rally that will happen the NEXT day (Immigration rally scheduled in D.C.)

Fox News has an article published on the health care reform protest.
Fox News also had an article published on the anti-war protest.
Covers both sides.

(Updates, most recent first)

*UPDATE 6: 5:36pm - CNN's Don Lemon challenges doctor who opposes current health care bill - speaks down to him, says that pro-health care bill reform representative (former doctor) knows more about health care law then he does.  Also offers to pat him on the back to calm him down. What a disgrace.
*UPDATE 5: 5:30PM - No coverage of the protests.  However a group of dozen protesters outside a Pennsylvania Representatives members' office protesting FOR health care reform bill made live coverage. (CNN's Don Lemon)
*UPDATE 4: 3:26pm - CNN's Fredricka Whitfield covers Anti-War protests in front of White House, but still no coverage of the tea party protest against the health care reform bill.
*UPDATE 3: 2:16pm--two hours.  Still nothing on CNN's website.
*UPDATE 2: 2:00pm--Not one mention on CNN channel during LIVE coverage.
*UPDATE 1: 1:16pm - one hour.  Still nothing.

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