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Saturday, March 13, 2010

CNN PT's Peter Hamby: Hey, Don't Fortget About those GOP scandals

Resident progressive of CNN's Political Ticker realizes it has been a bad month for Democrats.  Failing health care plan, Rep Massa (D-NY), Rep Rangel (D-NY), Gov Paterson (D-NY), falling poll numbers for Obama, and more!  This cannot be a good thing.  Leave it to Peter Hamby (writer, CNN Political Ticker), to remind us all that there were Republican scandals back in the day too.

On top of that, Mr. Hamby approves comments that overwhelming support his article.  Just take a look at some of these comments:
  • The economy was terrible under Bush. Stop drinking the repub kool aid and actually learn something for once.
  • Since the day Obama took office the republicans have been playing dirty, posting underhanded ads and embellishing incidents trying to make Democrats look bad.
  • The list of corrupt Repubs is nearly endless
  • Sen John Ensign (R) is the gift horse that keeps on giving. As long as he's a senator he'll be the Republican's Massa.
  • Kinda of funny that the republicants whining about this add had their own papers leaked last week portraying the President, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid in a very nast way. Shut up.
  • That is the ONE thing Republicans excel at. I will stack our guys against theirs and its a blowout. The Republicans win that contest hands down. Corruption, it's the one thing they CAN,T say No to.
And let's not forget the opinion peice that CNN released which has been showcased throughout the website screaming: "Hey, Just forget about Massa and move on."  The article is written by Johnathan Mann and is titled "Let's move on from Massa controversy."

Hmm, we wonder if CNN published any articles that demanded to forget about Sanford?  Nope. With press like this, the DNC has no need for a press office of its own.

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