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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to the CNN Political Ticker Bias Report Blog

We've had ENOUGH!

It is time to take a swing at that Democrat-party run, anti-GOP blog filled with liberal and progressive authors. That blog is the CNN Political Ticker. Many of you are already familiar with the CNN Political Ticker. It features several authors who, throughout the day, document what happens in the world of politics. The CNN Political Ticker claims:

The latest political news from CNN's Best Political Team, with campaign coverage, 24-7.

But we have noticed in the past few months just how biased this part of CNN has become. It has become filled with reporters who gather their data through left-wing sources such as The Huffington Post, Think Progress, Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters, and others. News that is not really news, becomes news on the CNN Political Ticker because that is what the left wing blogs happen to be talking about that day.

Obama has gotten very positive coverage on the CNN Political Ticker, where as Sarah Palin...well, just go ahead and review the CNN Political Ticker. Need some fact checking done? They will go ahead and cherry pick statements from Republicans and make sure they are corrected on their blog. How about Democrats, and the fact checking there? Occasionally, you will get one or two, but the majority of the time, most of the fact checking comes from the left against the right.

The authors of CNN's Political Ticker Blog have no biography sections so it may be difficult at first to find out their political stances. However, when one simply reads a positing, it is clealy obvious where they lie in the political spectrum. Here's a list we've compiled of authors who contribute to the CNN Political Ticker:
Ed Hornick
Paul Steinhauser
Peter Hamby
Alexander Mooney
Xuan Thai
Pamela Sellers
Diana Holden
Mark Preston
Martina Stewart
Emily Sherman
It may be permissible to label these individuals as journalistic terrorists. But we won't, at least not yet. Instead, we will document their "news" and point out the subtle little biases we noticed. And you can make the call.

For example: Take a look at CNN Political Ticker's resident progressive/liberal author, Ed Hornick. A quick glance at his Twitter page might make it seem that he might be reporting for Keith Olbermann's failed cable show on MSNBC. The twitter page links to many stories Mr. Hornick writes for the CNN Political Ticker.

So you may be wondering...why? Why this particular blog on the internet and not the thousands of others that are out there? Well, recent traffic statistics show that out of the three major cable news networks, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the website of CNN receives the most hits even though its television programming is almost dead last in all the rankings. This isn't that much surprising since many people are getting their news throughout the day on the internet. But what kind of news are they really getting? It's time to take a stand, and point it out. The CNN Political Ticker is BIASED.

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