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Sunday, March 14, 2010

CNN is Having a Coffee Party! CNN's Steinhauser helps them out.

Can you believe this?  It took CNN over a month just to provide adequate coverage to the increasing popular Tea Party back in 2009.  wants to remind you that the Coffee Party is having hundreds of local meet ups, so make sure you get out there! Mr. Steinhauser (pictured, right) sure gave them some good publicity. It's only been a few weeks since the coffee party existed and already it has received more positive coverage from CNN than the Tea Party since its inception.

Promotion much? Maybe, just maybe, Rick Sanchez will pounce on this coverage just like he did to Fox News.

The article opens with "Will the Coffee Party rise to the scale of the Tea Party movement?"  Well, judging by who is writing the story, where its coming from, and what the story is about, we won't even begin to argue what the answer to that question will be.

Here is how CNN's Paul Steinhauser approached the Tea Party convention in February of 2010: "Controversial Tea Party convention aims to boost the movement."  Will their be anything controversial about the Coffee Party?

*UPDATE*  Not sure how this comment by "Karen" got through, CNN editors must have missed it: "Funny how CNN covers the first Coffee party and it took them over a year to do a story on the teaparties. I guess anything that they can do to divert attention away from the Teaparties is a story for them. You continue to disappoint."
*UPDATE 2*  Aww, how sweet.  CNN is asking "Were you at a Coffee Party gathering? Share your images, story." Look here.  Weren't they bashing Fox News for this kind of thing a while ago?  Try to find an article where they ask the Tea Partiers to upload their images/videos to CNN.
*UPDATE 3* Will CNN report this?  After all the attempts by CNN and its' "journalists" to discredit the Tea Party and associate it with "Astroturf," lets just see how CNN handles this.

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